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"As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”
~Audrey Hepburn

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    Work & Progress Fitness is currently making improvements (Please be patient) <3
    p90x; Shoulders & Arms - Day 9, Week 2.

    This time last week I was so incredibly sore that I could barely move thanks to Plyometrics. And right now, I feel only a little bit of soreness. So awesome! 

    Also, I know the last time I did Shoulders and Arms I was having a challenging time getting through it and doing the reps. This time I used less weight and was able to get through it just fine! And because my weights were so much less than before, I did double the reps to make up for it. Worked out great! 

    My form is getting better when it comes to abs. There wasn’t any strain on my neck this time around. Still need to work on getting through the reps without stopping. 

    With work comes progress. And I’m working. So, I shall await the progress! :D


    Work & Progress Fitness is currently making improvements (Please be patient) <3
    p90x; Shoulders & Arms - Day 3.

    First off, I am SO sore from yesterday’s Plyometrics. But I feel great. Except for when I have to go up and down the stairs in my house. Haha ;)

    To be perfectly honest, upper body work is my least favorite type of exercise. And today was very challenging. Mostly because I have never focused on upper body. “Tip of the day”: Breathe, don’t hold it in. It doesn’t aid you to hold your breath during the amount of reps you’ll be doing. Your muscles NEED the oxygen, and so do you. On that note, I realized once again I was yawning A LOT. Which if you read my previous post, isn’t a bad thing. It’s just your body’s way of reacting to the amount of exercise you’re doing. 

    I expect tomorrow I’ll be feeling sore from today. Which is fine by me, because tomorrow is Yoga! Lots of deep breathing and stretching. Exactly what my muscles need right about now.